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We want to show the train and relevant government entities that our communities support changes to train operations and regulatory practices that will better protect our air, our health, and our lands. If you support this vision for the future, please sign on below. Thank you for your consideration and support. If interested, please sign on below and share this letter with others!

Dear Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad,

The 2018 416 Fire traumatically impacted Durango, Silverton, our visitors, and our neighbors. We, a diverse group of concerned local citizens from across the political spectrum, have come together to advocate for a long-term economically viable and sustainable path forward for the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad that acknowledges the train’s history in Southwest Colorado and importance to our community. We would like to work with you to find forward-thinking ways to keep our families, homes, and forests safe from fire; improve our air and water quality; provide for a healthy citizenry; and support a strong and resilient economy for our region now and into the future. In addition to shifts in management practices, we also advocate for a strategic transition away from coal.

We would like to see a successful and thriving train and a healthy and safe natural environment. We believe that this is possible through a mix of responsible management practices, increased coordination between private-public entities, and adopting cleaner technologies to fuel the train.

Our Lands. Our Lungs. Our Livelihoods.




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